A packed to the gills day in Kolkata

Flurys. Nizam. Dakshinapan phuchka. Dolly's. Chef Kaniska. Day 1 in Kolkata was a Sehwag 300.

Though phuchkas in steel katoris, with sweet water on offer, made one feel was in mumbai in dhakuria this evening. Yesterday's unsung phuchka guy in the EM Bypass connector was loads better

Went to nizam's on a whim and was happy. Flurys is of course my candies here just as Dolly's is K's.

And then bumping into Ortis who was sitting in 'my table' at Flurys. We were inspired by his ham croissant order. Turned out he was 10 yrs my junior in presidency, now on Ireland and a finely chopped reader. Hi Ortis :)

Dinner at manishita and Kaniska's. Cilantro rice, chili con carne, fish vera cruz, prawn fajita and bread pudding with cinnamon syrup was out of the world. What amazing cooking Kaniska babu.

Proper post and dslr pics will follow