Alu posto and of 'respecting the produce'

I underspiced the Alu posto last night & let the flavours of posto, mustard oil & green chilli take over. 'Respecting the produce'. And yes, no turmeric this time.

I used paanch phoron or bengali 5 spice which I thought brought the dish alive. Raised some eyebrows.

Since when did we bengalis become so hidebound about the 'right and only way'?

We are an eclectic race. We absorb. And embellish.

That's our strength.

Look at how we took the lucknowi biryani to another level. Or created phuchkas out of their paani ke batashe. Made deem paruti out of French toast.

We are the alchemists.

So if you want use turmeric in alu posto, just go ahead.

This is what I did last night.

I heated 3 tablespoons of mustard oil. Added a teaspoon of paanch phoron, and a split green chilli. I then added 4 pre boiled potatoes from the fridge. Cubed them and added. Stirred. Poured in a paste of 100 g of posto or khuskhus or poppy seeds ground in a food processor with water added to it for the paste. I added 4 ground green chillies to the paste. I added 1 tablespoon salt. 1 teaspoon sugar to the pan. Stirred the contents till it became semi dry. That's it. Pre-boiled potatoes meant it took less time to cook and less oily too.

Tasted pretty good with rice.

We love our turmeric infused version too. But then we love variety on our plate.

That's what makes life beautiful.


team ecoSycle said…
Love your posts. This is so conversational yet strikes a chord. Like all good bongs, this recipe has to be my favorite too.