Fry fish like no one's watching

I love mobile blogging on the iPhone.

There are times when one just wants to put up one's tired legs and watch Modern Family after a dinner of dhan daal, rice and tarelo chhamno (fried pomfret).

And yet one wants to share something on the blog.

A while back I had blogged about braising fish as the best way to 'fry' fish. Flat pan. Bit of vegetable oil. Pat gently on to pan. Turn. That sort of stuff.

But age has taught me that the best way to get kora or crisp fish fry is to use a kodai or wok and mustard oil heated in it. The real Bong way. With a simple smearing of salt, turmeric and red chilli powder.

Pulled some fish that just wasn't frying on a flat pan and put it in a wok for some mustard oil lovin this evening.

The results were crisp.

And yet juicy inside as K pointed out.