Jetting down... Abysmal cabin food in Jet Airways

(wrote this post while on a rather hot Jet flight from Mumbai to Kolkata)

After a crazy yet exciting day jetting across the city I finally settled down in the Jet flight to Kolkata from Mumbai and promptly fell asleep.

Woke up only when the food cart came. The steward in Jet Airways handed us our meals. K's low cal pack had some nice chicken tikkas with an unidentifiable green debris on the side.

I opened mine and got a sense of deja vu.

Last night I read the first ever blog post that I had written on finely chopped. Five years back. It was about the gelatinous faux Thai curry in kingfisher.

Today's tray in Jet looked even more gruesome with limp noodles, orange muck and little boulders. The chicken barely edible, the noodles enough to make anyone do a Didi and storm out. The emergency exit looked so tempting. There was garam masala in the lukewarm monstrosity.

They don't serve desserts in Jet any more. Just fruits. The veg trays looked better in the next aisle.

I was quietly putting the food back when k called for the steward.

'Can you give him a veg tray? He couldn't eat this'

'What happened?' said the steward with a look of genuine concern.

'It's inedible. The noodles has garama masala.' I piped in

The steward looked flummoxed. This is new and I have never eaten it sir but I will change it' which he did promptly

To be fair, the veg tray, which was a dry lubia with raisins and a sort of masala potato puff on the side, was a lot better.

One misses the old days in Jet. The days of cookies, fresh towels, good desserts, those tamarind pops, after mints, fresh lime juices, butter milk on chennai flights and cheaper air fares.

But that tray of hideous bilge.... Guys in Jet that's so not on. Very disappointed.

Btw had a lovely ultimate iced mocha in the Mumbai airport Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. Pure chilled melted chocolate the way Nigella meant it to be