Last of the Mohicans... Manju's Dosa Center, Khar, Mumbai

When I first came to Mumbai, there were a bunch of us at work who were all from outside the city.

Most of us lived in PGs and shared apartments around Bandra. We would often hang out together after work. Largely in South Mumbai. Churchill, Crystal, Leo's, Gokul, Bade Miya, Bachelors and so on.

Once we went to a lane in Santa Cruz in the evening. A girl in the group who stayed there told us about a dosa cart there. We went to the cart and had a number of dosas that evening. There were two Tam Brahm girls who got excited by the dosa feast. The rest of us, meat eaters, indulged them as they would gamely go to places chosen by us to eat in most cases.

It's been a decade and a half since.

I think I am the only one from that group still left in Mumbai. The dosa cart is gone I am told.

The owner of the cart, Mani, closed down. The cart resurfaced as a shop with some of his workers opening Manju Dosa Center at Khar, 16th road.

I stopped there twice recently. Mysore sada first time and rava tomato onion this time.

In fact wrote half this post while waiting for my dosa. I am enjoying this mobile blogging thingie. Brings back the spontaneity into blogging. Hope it works for you.

The dosas were piping hot. Lip smacking. Well flavoured. Slightly crisp. Indulgent. Made with butter. Much better than Shiv Sagar stuff.

The guys at Manju's originally hail from a place close to Mysore in Karnataka. I asked them why their dosas weren't soft like what I had in MTR in Bangalore.

'People in Bombay complain if the dosas are not crisp' they said.

Yes, to survive in Mumbai you have to live by its rules.

In any city for that matter.