A tale of two kitchens…

I once wrote a food blog.

Yes. That’s how it seems after the last ten days or so.

We have just shifted apartments after our lease got over in the previous one. Finding a flat of one’s choice to rent in Mumbai and even more so, in Bandra, is a matter of luck. After days of searching we found one and have just moved in.

Which meant packing, moving, unpacking, settling…unsettled. Every moment new things come up though the new house has begun to take shape. The kitchen’s sort of ready. Main furniture’s in place. One did have help in the form of great packers – Marshall Packers (highly recommended) – the indomitable Banu & our driver Sushil…then our Bengali plumber and electrician duo Sabhooj & Ali …and their plumber friend Imraan…all earnest souls, very helpful…who have been with us through three house shifts.

As I speak we have installed the gas burner. Shifted it from the earlier place. A process which involved plugging & unplugging burners across three places, discovering the pipe was short and that the knob was gone…at the end all in place thanks to the stoic and efficient repair man, Ramesh, at Pali Market who fixed.

Living here in Bandra spoils you with its eco-system …our delivery guys for everything from water to cholesterol pills….sausages too have started sending their stuff. Today I finally switched on the comp at the desk for the first time. Till the MTNL wifi is up I have to depend on the Reliance dongle which doesn’t seem to work anywhere though.

What the burner on cooking starts in full swing tomorrow I guess.

So it is finally goodbye blue and hello sunrise in the kitchen.

 The earlier kitchen the new kitchen IMG_2311

Till then it’s been all dude food.

peanut butter & honey grilled chicke

Before we left the earlier place I used everything that was getting over..primarily peanut butter & honey to come up with a nice chicken grill (200 C for 30 minutes) always.


Then couple of days back when I grilled chicken in the new kitchen and shot it under new lights in the new platform. This time the base marinade was pink mustard & sun dried tomatoes and I roasted it on a bed of sausages and veggies. The best roast I have made so far.

IMG_4230   IMG_4234

The chicken & sausages were sent within 20 minutes of calling by Meghna Agro. Megha of i2cook had sent me the mustard, peanut butter & honey…great stuff & organic too . Saee of My Jhola sent the sun dried tomatoes. They are both very talented ladies and I hope to remain in their good books.

mustard & sundried tomato chicken

Today though I have just called for some mutton biryani & chicken rezala from Arsalan which I am pairing with some much needed Jameson. Of course, as usual Arsalan sent me a breast piece of chicken instead of leg piece and again I had to call and ask them to send a leg piece.

Well it’s all come together now & I have a hurried post here for those of you who wondered where I was…and hell, I needed to write too for myself if for nothing else.

Talking of Bengali restaurants, here’s the enchanting Rashmi Uday Singh in the Bombay Times on our Bhojohori Manna and Mumbai Bengali restaurants chat. 



Pinku said…
the new kitchen looks nice....u sound like ur old self...the excitement and fresh beginnings are adding zest... :)

A beautiful 2013 to you and lady K!
vandana rajesh said…

Wishing you both a happy and prosperous 2013 and all good things in your new home..been through a shifting period myself. The new kitchen and the chicken roast looks great.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thanks a lot for your warm wishes Pinku, Vandana. Wish you and your families the same