Jet Airways... Time to wake up

My bad run with food on Jet Airways continues.

This time I bough a mangalorean veg sukka dosa on the flight back to Mumbai from Jaipur.


The dosa was plasticky & a far cry from the 'soft thin dosa' the flier promised. The ice cold vegetables in some very strong coconut paste which just revolted the palate. Two bites and I left it despite paying for it.

Why waste stomach space on bilge when there is a nice meal of chicken grilled in Asian Gourmet House Thai barbecue sauce & Mama's Tom Yum cup noodles waiting at home?

I came to jaipur by Air India. Took an AI flight after ages. They actually served a nice hot breakfast of upma, idli, bun butter jam, fruits. Tea, coffee too.

In good old AI style they plonked the pack on the tray.

Veg? Non veg? You don't get choices.

But the food was good.

You ate. You slept. You disembarked .

What more could a man ask?

Time to figure out where my AI frequent flier card is

Where Jet still wins though is service On seeing that I had left my roll unfinished the steward & the air hostess asked me what the problem was. Voluntarily returned the money though I hadn't asked for it. Also asked me to give my feedback so that they could give it to their base. This is a new introduction apparently.