A Madridista in the making

I purposely didn't carry the laptop on this trip.

I realised that off late I don't blog much while travelling. Guess I am older than when I started off 5 years back if you get what I mean. Dont have the energy to write every night while on the road. Or perhaps I pack in more in my trips than I did before. Soaking in every bit of a place like a sponge. So the iPad it is till I get back. I have updated on Facebook and twitter though as you would know if we are connected there.

It's hard to believe that it's time to leave madrid. That five nights are almost over. That it is time to,leave tomorrow.

Had an amazing time here. Great people. Lovely scenes and locales. The hotel, Catalonia Plaza Mayor. The bernabeu stadium. Going down to the pitch. The royal palace and the wonderful guide who brought it alive for us. Toledo, a trip which left us hungry for more. Prado and painting by folks one had only heard of. Respect though not my scene really. Loads of walking in the wintry air that I just loved.

And so many great meals. Starting with Miali. The cafeteria opposite, Peter Pan. Lateral and our two trips to it. Chocolaterie San Gines, Botin, Maestro Churro and their history. puerto 57 in the stadium. Cava Baja and Casa Curro and Casa Lucas. Cerveria Santa Anna. The wonders of Mercado San Miguel.

We head to Seville tomorrow bearing loads of stories and photographs from Madrid which I hope to share someday soon.

Gracias Madrid