Can you fix this fish?


I have always maintained that pretty pictures don’t necessarily make a pretty meal.

As pictures go, the photos of last night’s dinner were fairly ‘pretty’ (I put low res pics now given the rampant plagiarism here).

The meal didn’t give pleasure though. At least not in absolute terms.

I came back from work last evening and defrosted some betki fillets which I bought this weekend. I then smeared on some sumac, zatar, lemon powder on the fish and then added salt along with these Mediterranean spices. I then added some chardonnay left over from a bottle I opened a few days back to the fish. I poked some holes into the fish fillets with a fork and then let the fish marinate for about half an hour. I then popped in the fish on a tray into a preheated oven. I added the remaining liquid from the marinade on top of the fish when there was 3 minutes left.

The grilling details, 15 min at 200 C, rest, plate, eat.


The resultant fish was cooked properly but a tad dry and had a fishy taste. You got a hint of the wine but the flavours of the marinade otherwise were rather weak.

Wonder what could have gone wrong? I looked up the last time that I grilled betki and realised that the marinade that I used far stronger favours then than this time. Would that have helped to have masked the fishy smell? Or was it that the fish was not that fresh? Cooking time was the same after all. And why was it dry? Would sealing the fish on a foil, thereby locking in the juices, have helped? Didn’t do this last time though and turned out fairly good.

I am not the biggest fan of fish. I buy lots of it but am not too fond of it. However even K, who loves fish, found it dry and fishy this time. 

So any suggestions on what could be done to fix this? Do drop in a comment if you do have a point of view.

Else I will just crumb fry it in bacon fat the next time.


The mash – preboiled potatoes, heated with milk, butter, salt and cheese and then whipped in a food processor – was indulgent and divine though. The next morning I made bruschettas with the left over mash and baguette from Candies. 10 min at 150 C.

Turned out to be a lovely start to the day.

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