Stop start stutter at Mumbai, Dubai airport layover & finally Madrid

So my bad luck with international flights continue.

Last time it was the strike which qantas declared while we were mid air on the way back rom Sydney leading to a layover at Singapore.

This time what should have been an hour and a half at Dubai airport ended up being a five hour wait.

It started at mumbai's international airport which seemed like a dank dreary throwback to the 80s with the mother of queues to clear immigration and then security. It was unbelievable. Hot,crowded, smelling of body fluids....hardly the start one would associate with the start of a holiday ...except that things could only get better.

The check in process took about three hours after we got our boarding passes though unlike abhimanyu we did manage to come out of the chakravyuh only to land at a very confused departure lounge of emirates who had no idea what was happening and why the flight was late.

End result we missed the connecting flight to madrid at 7 am and we're put onto the next one at 2 pm and then spent the rest of the time of staring at the white walls of Dubai airport instead of the yellowing walls of the Mumbai airport ....and golly we got food court coupons from emirates ...they didn't even bother to give us adjacent seats in the next flight though there was space...thankfully a gentleman sitting in one of our rows got up and offered to switch so that k and i could sit in the same row

Perhaps the nicer part of the holiday will begin now

Ps. Landed in Madrid a bit back and it's looking lovely. Our car didnt turn up so we cabbed it quite easily. Nice view of the street from our room and Antonio at the front desk is quite helpful. Wifi is included which is great k zeroes in on the hotel, Catalonia Plaza mayor, using tripadvisor reviews and it worked


Praveena said…
ooh Madrid - don't forget to SHOP! Especially Zara (and MNG) which is so much cheaper in Spain!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
spent too much time in zara :)