To Mumbai from Barcelona via Dubai

In Dubai airport in transit.

Sort of forgot to do a quick Barcelona post. A city so different in its scale and contemporariness from the other cities in Spain but then as they keep reminding you, Barcelona is Catalonia not Spain, but then that's a long story.

It's also the city where we met Jeff Koehler. Passionate, intense food writer who kindly took us around la boqueria and some of his favourite nooks of Barcelona.

It is also the city whose tourism department adopted us thanks to supriyo. A press pass to see the sights of the city. And then a fab lunch at velodroma with gastronomy director, Manel hosting us and then organising a special cooking class,by Alejandra at Pep & Claudia's Espai Boisa.

The city which made us feel really special. It's as if the city came together to celebrate my birthday.

And thanks for your wishes :)


Gourmet Chef said…
Geviva Catalan....