Ice Creaming in the Rain….Haagen Dazs breakfasts, Bandra, Mumbai

I am not really into star signs so I don’t know if my being an Aquarian has anything to do with it but I love the rains and love the fact that the rains have hit Mumbai.

Yes, someday I might change my mind if I am stuck in a flooded road in the rain with no transport, or splattered with muck in auto or am shivering under a leaky roof but till then I am good and can just hope that my words don’t come back to bite me someday.

I love the sound of rain, I love the dampness around, I like grey skies, I like driving in the rain, or idly looking out into the rain for hours at a stretch, or typing to the beat of rain.

Today we went to Haagen Dazs at Bandra’s Linking Road for breakfast after Gaurav and Romi (of Follow The Eaten Path) updated about it on facebook yesterday.

We walked in for breakfast at noon, it was Sunday after all. The place was empty and we took a seat by the window. As we sat down the rain came crashing down outside. We went through the breakfast menu…looked at the waffles, crepes, pancakes and finally chose a Nutty Sunshine. The irony of the name struck me later.

This came with a coffee and we added another cappuccino to our order. The waiter was proactive and asked if we wanted our coffee first as the crepes we chose would take about 5 minutes to put together. We said we did and he got us our cappuccinos.

Turned out that they serve the cappuccinos at what I call the ‘Aussie levels’ which tastes lukewarm to our palates habituated to steaming cups of tea and coffee. In places like Australia they serve their cappuccinos at 70 degree C as they feel that the coffee defragments at hotter temperatures. We requested the waiter to get us ‘extremely hot’ cappuccinos as K put it and he went and made us fresh steaming cappuccinos without a fuss.


Meanwhile our order was ready. Freshly made, beautifully textured, soft and yet with a touch of spunk, crepes, drizzled with a beautiful caramel sauce which teased your senses and yet wasn’t saccharine sweet, with slices of banana stuffed in it. It was served with a creamy macadamia ice cream which had the occasional fruity bite and was served in a waffle purse.

Sheer indulgence with the rain orchestrating a special Sunday morning for us. The theme…la dolce vita.


On the way out I tasted some of the ice creams and decided that I need to come back for the chocolate and cookies. It’s dark and I am not a fan of dark chocolates but the creaminess in that tasting nibble was enough to keep one going for a while.

The pavement outside was flooded (4,5 inches) with just half an hour of rain.

Most expensive suburb to live in, most expensive city in the country to live in. That’s Mumbai, that’s Bandra.

The breakfast with an extra cappuccino came to about 600 Rs (11 USD) with taxes, service charge etc