Epic eclairs as if exquisite macarons weren't enough...Le 15 Patisserie, Mumbai

Not the best of pictures but this is a spontaneous post.

Hey Pooja,
Returned home this eveing after enquiring about yoga classes. Had plans to kill hunger with bananas which were at home when we saw the watchman waiting with this box of Le 15 Patisserie eclairs that you had sent.
Bananas forgotten, we tried all three. K was with me too and joined in. The eclairs are pretty good and just loved the way they indulgent cream oozed out with each bite but the winner for both K & me are the chocolate ones in the middle rows. 
Great stuff Pooja you have done it again!
I had intense macaorn cravings on Sunday and we tried to drive unsuccessfully to Phoenix on Sunday but was thwarted by the traffic. So I went there on Monday under the excuse of jeans shopping!
I must say that that the macarons that I picked at your Phoenix Mills store yesterday must be the best I've had had so far. They were even fresher than normal and the filling so light, the casing so delicate. 
I went for the seasalt one, which I loved, and the hazelnut one which was nice. I picked the dark chocolate one for K which she just loved and made the mistake of picking the dark chocolate cupcake for K.
'Mistake' because I thought she liked it when we bought it at your Bandra store. She did, as she did last night, but she loves the macarons more and I remembered that macarons were over that evening she had thr cupcake. She told me in no uncertain terms that cupcakes are not macarons.
Why don't I go to the Bandra store? Am too weak willed.
Keep up the great job Pooja. Your desserts match the best I've had anywhere and your macarons are the reasons why the box of macarons that K got me from Jean Pele in Cannes this year is half that of what she got last year.