Chinese nights. Basa grilled in soy honey ginger lime & salt

I am so happy about the way dinner turned out that I thought I will blog about it immediately. So I reached out for the iPhone while at the dining table

I know this sounds weird. Well it's a food blogger's version of a happy dance or a victory lap.

It took all of two minutes to marinate the basa in honey (2 tablespoons), soya (ditto), ginger, sea salt & lime juice & about 5 minutes to toss up the crab pâté & egg fried rice with Banu having chopped the veggies, thawed the fish & boiled the rice.

'No sweat' as they say.

The touch of spring onion right at the end lights up things and that's what I did to the rice. There's no reason why 'no chilli' should mean 'no flavours'.

In case you are wondering I grilled the basa for 15 min at 200 c on a baking tray and put the spring onions and beans on top at the beginning.

For the rice the order of stirring was oil in the wok, followed by soya sauce & then ginger paste, beans after that. Egg added in and beaten. Rice added in, crab pâté, salt, some lime juice. Toss. Switch off burner, add chopped spring onion & stir in

As I looked at the dinner plate I broke into a big smile.