The legend of B Merwan's Mava Cakes

Isn't it nice when a legend lives up to its name and fame?

We are at the Parsi General Hospital in south Mumbai right now. Waiting outside the OT as my father in law gets operated for a fracture.

Mama opens a bag. He smiles and says 'mava cakes from B Merwan. Wonder if they have maintained the standards'

He wouldn't know. He is vegetarian and the cakes have eggs. He won't eat but he has got about two dozens of the cakes for us. He has eaten them though till '72 when he was still a non vegetarian.

B Mervan is an Irani bakery near Grant Road station. It is most famous for its cakes.

Sleepily we losen the strings with which the wax paper parcel is tied. The cakes are still warm.

We break a bit of the cakes and take a bite. Both K and I break into a smile and our eyes gleam.

Good food can dispel the gloom. Even if for a bit.

The cakes are so buttery and warm. A touch of vanilla gently kisses you. There is a slight crunch outside and inside it is soft, near pillow like, and cuddly.

The mava cakes I remember were hard and sweet. K says the cakes become stiffer as the day progresses. This is so incredibly soft though.

The cake is so good I take another. As does K. It is so good that I take yet another. I know I am not supposed to. That's how good it is though.

I am suddenly awake. I am not used to waking up at 6 am. Or before 9 am. I was snoozing outside the OT.

With the Merwan cakes glowing inside me I am a new man. I am awake and ready to take on the world.

And we wait ...

Update: the operation is over now