Bring on the new year

This was going to be a post on New Year’s Eve. Then I saw i had written it in 2009. Here’s the link to that

Come 31st and what plans for New Year’s Eve seems to be the most common question around.

The answer for me to this question has been slightly chronological. Till I came to Mumbai, NYE meant staying at home in front of the telly. There was no question of staying out till midnight in Kolkata when I used to live there. The earlier years in Mumbai were about finding parties to go to. Then it was about scouring the papers to see the paid events happening at hotels and restaurants and zeroing in on one to go to. It was all about ending the year in one bang and letting one’s hair down. In the early years of our marriage when money was tight and we were really careful about spending, NYE was one day when we would go well outside of our budget and spend it outside partying somewhere. At that time a senior at work had told me that his wife had said that they would spend the night at home over some good wine and food cooked at home and not the spend the money on some faceless outing. It sounded very strange to me. Then one year, we couldn’t manage to buy any passes to parties and ended up watching a movie at home over some pizza and discovered the joy of spending New Year’s Eve at home. It was the end of an era.

Since then we have spent new year’s by ourselves at home and then with some close friends. That was the beginning of another era in a sense. Appreciating those who were in our lives. People who made our lives special. Friends we could count on. Feel happy to be with. So this year is going to be like that. Taking comfort in our presences. In our friendships. Reflecting on the year that went by. Looking forward to a new year to begin.

This has been a great year for the blog. A year which took me to Barcelona and London. A year which saw the birth of the Finely Chopped Walks. A year which saw the blog winning the Food Bloggers Association of India award for the best food and travel blog. A year where I got to meet many great folks through the blog. The year one got to renew many friendships made through the blog.

At a personal level this has also been a year of discoveries and one big part of the latter half has been the evenings I have spent at the wonderful Yoga Institute at Santa Cruz which has had such a calming and elevating effect on one.

This has also been a year where my mother was hospitalised and seeing her get back on her feet has made one believe.

This has also been a year where we lost my father in law and that makes it a year hard to forgive or forget.

This is a year where one looks forward to new beginnings as the hours come to a close.

Have a great 2014 folks.


Pinku said…
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. In a way every year is like that. A mixed bag of feelings.

This year has brought serenity to your posts.

best wishes to finely chopped and you & lady K for the coming year.
~j~ said…
Kalyan, wish you and your fantastic blog a blessed 2014. The more we reflect on the year gone by, the more there is to be thankful for.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thank you for your wishes Priyanka. Serenity is a beautiful way of putting it. Makes me feel good
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thanks for your kind wishes J and yes it is important to count our blessings
Zoe Perrett said…
Meeting you in London was definitely one of my 2013 highlights! You've had a turbulent one for sure; here's hoping for a more peaceful and just as successful 2014.... x
Juhi G said…
Happy New Year Kalyan. Have been a silent spectator out here and love waiting for new posts and updates on the walks. Hope you have a brilliant year ahead. Hope to host you in Ahmedabad (thats where I am based) and take you on a foodie walk out here :-)
Each age has deemed the new born year, the fittest time for festal cheers!

Wishing you your family and all reader of Finely Chopped and Fine year head.

Happy New Year (2014)

- Piyali
Mallika said…
Happy New Year Kalyan. Life would be dull without ups and downs, as long as you can find your inner calm!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
yhat's such a sweet thing to say and it was lovely meeting you too Zoe
Kalyan Karmakar said…
@Juhi thanks for your wishes and would love to discover Ahmedabad with you

@Piyali thanks for the wishes and wish you a great year too

@Mallika that's so true. Wish you a happy new year
Sheikha said…
And Happy New Year to you too. I wish it to be one filled with joy, acceptance, peace and discovery. It is also a year in which I hope o meet up with you. SOON.