Grilled chilli garlic blackbean soy honey chicken wings. The recipe for a great evening

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    The other night our friend G dropped by to visit us.

    G is a great baker and a very talented cook and a generous host. She has treated us to some really lovely meals at her place. I wanted to make something nice for her too. She had recently liked a picture of squids Hakka noodles that I had posted on Facebook. So I thought I'll make the same for her. Except we didn't have any squids at home so K went and picked up prawns for the market.

    I wondered what to make as a side. G is eating quite carefully these days so a grilled chicken dish seemed like a good idea. I requested K to pick up some chicken wings. The resultant dish turned out to be so good that I thought I'd share with you. So here's my lazy recipe for a chilli garlic blackbean honey soy grilled chicken wings where the recipe is pretty much in the name of the dish itself.

    I marinated 500 g of chicken wings in 4 tablespoons of blackbean sauce, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of finely chopped peeled garlic for half an hour. Thanks to the salt in the sauces I didn't need to add any more salt. IMG 7124

    After half an hour I covered the tray with a silver foil. A trick G had taught me which ensures that the moistness of the chicken is not lost. I then preheated the oven for 10 min at 200 C. I then put the covered chicken in and let it cook in the steam for 20 min at 200 C. I then took the oven out, took the foil off, turned each wing over, added 3 split chillies and put the uncovered the dish in for 15 min at 200 C

    Once done I let the dish stand for a while and microwaved it for 2 minutes to heat it before dinner. The resultant chicken was very tender, succulent and juicy and the sauces and condiments had combined very well.

    For the prawn Hakka noodle recipe you can look up the squid Hakka noodle recipe and sub the squids with the prawns.

    One difference was that I added about two tablespoons of ginger paste at the start to the oil which added a nice gingery hit to the dish. I cooked this post midnight as I believe that noodles need to be cooked fresh before eating.

    So go ahead and try these simple Chinese dishes and make yourself happy as i felt when G stamped her approval on the dinner. IMG 7130
This is the first post that i am writing from the Macbook pro that K gave me on my birthday. I have downloaded the MarsEdit software and I am experimenting with though I must admit that I fine the Windows live writer and Windows photo editor to be better software to work on. So come on Mac, show me your magic!

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Antara said…
I find wings to be the most forgiving part of a chicken, they always turn out tender and are just so versatile. Loved your lazy recipe, its a good way to use my jar of black bean sauce (been waiting for it to finish but its so strong, I think am stuck with it for another decade)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
antara, most forgiving part of a chicken is lovely way to put it
Gia Fernandes said…
I repeat, these wings can turn you into a pig. It's like that bag of chips, only worse! :D ;)
Gia Fernandes said…
And by worse I mean better... but it's actually worse... u know what I mean ;)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Gia...I do I do...thanks :) no fb-like confusion here
Gia Fernandes said…
Ha ha ha 'fb-like confusion'... I like that.
Pinku said…
I wish I could drop into ur house and have some of this stuff too!!!