Goodbye Mocha Mojo, Bandra

I drove down to Mocha Mojo, Bandra, to write this morning and saw it was shut. I was gutted.

I knew that it was going to be shut at the end of this month but didn’t expect the premature closure.

Mocha Mojo is a bit of a Bandra 90s legend. It was initially known as Mocha and we used to go there for the chocolate avalanche – brownie, chocolate ice cream, chocolates, marshmallows – we used to share a small portion and yet the two of us, much younger and hungrier then, couldn’t finish it.

Mocha was then relaunched as Mocha Mojo and we started going there for breakfasts. The white sofa by the door in the inside section became our spot just as the bench by the corner at Candies had become. We discovered the waffles and the pancakes at Mocha Mojo and fell in love with them. I would have them with Kenyan coffee while K would go for her patented cappuccino in a takeaway cup. We would often meet up with friends there and everyone loved the place. It had almost become our Central Perk (re FRIENDS). Sometime back my mom in law joined us at Mocha over hot chocolate in weekends and declared it to be her favourite place for hot chocolates. One of the few things that would make her smile a bit. I recently discovered that Mocha was a good place to order coffee, eggs (the breakfast at 99 deal was amazing) and sit and write undisturbed in the mornings.

Then like all good things in life it shut down. I went to Mocha last Thursday but had no idea that it would shut on Sunday.

K and I didn’t get the chance to have one last pancake there this weekend. We didn’t get to say goodbye to our white sofa over waffles and coffee.

We are heartbroken. We will miss you Mocha.


Oh! That's so sad! Being a non-Mumbaiite, that was what we used to use as a landmark/meeting place for friends! Have to find another one now. :(
The mix n match furniture and eclectic art of the first mochas with the cushions and divans. The mocha mojo was too college yuppy for me. I miss the boho charm of the original mocha, to survive in today's world you have to retain your USP, unique selling point.
Unknown said…
Never been there but now I wish I had.