Going to Singapore la

I am headed to one of my favourite cities to eat in....Singapore

I am at the pretty fancy looking Mumbai international terminal killing time. Waiting to board the Singapore Airlines A380 and its upper deck.

I am going there as a guest of the Singapore Tourism Board.

The brief is to go there and eat like a local. The only question asked was whether I eat everything!

So keep watching my twitter (@finelychopped) and Facebook page feeds to see me eat through the city and I promise you some interesting food tales from Singapore here when I am back.

So see you in Singapore then


Wow to be invited by a country to come and eat. I would want to do that one day. Following your trails on Instagram.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Doc. It was an amazing experience
vow that's my dream city, what a way to live K , keep it up and stay blessed
take care