Special Parsi Lunch at the Royal Bombay Yacht Club

I like it when people go beyond the obvious.

A Parsi lunch menu would traditionally start with sali boti and end with mutton dhansak with some Lagan nu custard thrown in.

Not at The Royal Bombay Yacht Club where we went for the special Parsi lunch today.

There was a beautifully spiced juicy fried Bombay duck fry to start with.

Then two egg dishes. Tomater per eendu and my favourite methi per eendu. The Parsis love eggs, eat the yolks, outlive most of us. Even the vegetarian menu had eendu or eggs!

Then there was chicken cheese bake because the Queen after all is Parsi. The addition of a Parsi touch of fried salli or potato on top gave a nice textural contrast to the creamy cheese.

There was mutton ras chawal. A very complex curry with subtle coconut notes. K missed the potatoes though.

To end with a summery note was a fruit trifle in unintended deference to the Parsi who studied in British public schools.

Thanks for the invite Jamshed uncle. You ensured that our smiles were that much wider on a Sunday