Singing in the rains…Gallops, Mumbai

Next time it’s raining in the afternoon in Mumbai head to Gallops in the Mahalaxmi Racecourse. Sit by the windows. Look out at the greens caressed by the rains.

Order a mutton dori kebab which the chef says is inspired by Purani Dilli. It’s served piping hot. The minced meat kebab held together by a string is amazingly moist. Has deep meaty notes which will make you purr with pleasure.

Follow this with a steaming plate of nalli nihari. The curry is silken. As is the meat of the slow cooked lamb shanks. Mop it up with roomali rotis. Use your hands.

Photo: A steaming nalli nihari on a rainy afternoon at Gallops is the quintessential Mumbai monsoon experience

If vegetarian try the tomato soup. It’s hot, peppery, creamy and warms the cockles of your heart.

photo (48)

Weekdays are better as windows would be scarce to get on weekends.

Take the time off. Smell the roses. This will be more memorable than being in your cubicle for sure.

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Sassy Fork said…
Simply gorgeous pictures of the two of you and the food looks delicious!