Indian Food Blogger's Meet 2014: Beyond Blogging with Kalyan Karmakar

Indian Food Blogger's Meet 2014: Beyond Blogging with Kalyan Karmakar: We are happy to announce that Kalyan Karmakar has finally been able to make it to the IFBM2014, as a part of the panel in the Beyond Blo...

Even as I sit in a cafe in Mumbai and type this the Indian Food Blogger's Meet 2014 is underway in Bengaluru.

I was quite excited when I first heard of the meet from Nandita Iyer of Saffron Trail and am so glad that the organisers have invited me to be a part of it.

'Food Bloggers Meets' are not new and unfortunately is a much abused term.

I had a lot of hope from these meets when they first started in Mumbai. They were an opportunity to meet other food bloggers and realise that one is not alone in this big bad world. Then marketers jumped on to the bandwagon and soon the meets degenerated into occasions for promoting restaurants and food products and seemed to have nothing in them for bloggers.

I longed for opportunities where we would be able to get together and discuss things to with food blogging which would help one develop as a blogger. Instead all that appeared where selling jamborees for things ranging from new restaurants to ice creams to American apples.

Which is why the idea of a food blogger's meet organised by bloggers and for bloggers seemed so exciting.

I think the organisers have taken a great decision by restricting entry only to food bloggers and make it a paid entry event to make it a serious event for food bloggers.

I was quite impressed by the schedule which shows that the topics include things like food writing, food photography, social media management, seo management and going beyond blogging. These are all topics that interest me as a food blogger and are things that I would love to learn more about.

I am missing the first day no doubt though am following the #ifbm2014 updates on twitter.

I head to Bengaluru, one of my favourite food cities in India, tomorrow as a guest of theJBengaluru Marriott Hotel Whitefield's Travel Brilliantly programme and will go to the Indian Food Blogger's Meet too.

I am looking forward to meeting food bloggers from across India, learning from them and participating in the panel.

To those already at the meet, see you tomorrow guys and keep the food blogging flag flying high.

So proud of you and so proud to be a food blogger.

And thanks to all the sponsors who are helping make the meet possible and the organisers for the hard work they have put in.


Anjali Koli said…
Kalyan yay! glad you are joining us.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thanks and see you soon :)
Pinku said…
Kalyan .....why is the Hotel name showing up on a white patch and misspelled as well?