The feel good factor

Couple of interesting social media based customer service experiences.

Yesterday I was booked into Spicejet after my Go flight was cancelled. I tweeted my disappointment to Go. No response

The turned out my Spicejet flight was delayed too! So I tweeted & they immediately tweeted back in response apologising. Then they traced my number, called me to apologise and explain the situation. I said that they should have been transparent about the delay.

I was then killing time at the airport when I got a call from Spicejet asking me if I could rush to the departure gates. They were putting me onto an earlier flight. So I was rushed up and given a premium seat with good leg space too.

Definitely made me feel good about them.

Part 2. I checked into the Hyatt Regency, Delhi, past midnight. I was craving for Chinese but it wasn't in the room service menu.

I requested them if they could make me something. Saurabh, who was manning the phone, said they could rustle up a Chinese fried rice but that it would not be authentic and he would not give it to me.

'Aap food critic ho. Risk nahin le sakta.'

I was gobsmacked. Turned out he had googled me when my name flashed when I called.

Both these personal touches won me over.


Anonymous said…
This is so lame.....obviously the preferential treatment that you received is not surprising. Not sure if soomeone would fly the airline just bcos someone was upgraded after a tweet.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Dear anon given other airlines don't respond to tweets the fact that Spicejet did is not so lame. Commenting anonymously is though