Christmas comes early with Christina's leg of ham and pudding from Katy's Kitchen

I am in chilly Delhi right now feeling very warm after meeting my friend, mentor and guardian angel, food writer Marryam Reshii, for an impressive dinner at Khan Market's Sodabottleopenewala.

Earlier I went to the TOI Delhi office to meet Mr Sanjay Lal and his team. We discussed the Times of India Passion Trails Dhaba Trail of Punjab that starts tomorrow. I will covering the trip and missing Christmas at home.

Well not entirely as Christmas came early in Mumbai for me last evening thanks to a few friends.

It all started suggested when Soumik suggested that we get together and pool in and get hold of a roast leg of ham from Christina Fernandes.

Kurush and Rhea chimed in and volunteered to get us a Christmas pudding from their Katy's Kitchen pantry.

To balance the meat Bonnie offered to bring a salad. Her lovely rocket and balsamic salad quietened all cat calls from the group of Bengalis and Parsis and non Bengalis married to Bengalis.

Romi got some home made rum balls which were so good that k, who doesn't like alcohol in desserts munched quite a few.

Ratoola and soumik were the perfect hosts, Angono livened up energy levels by coming from Poona for the ham and Jit and Gaurav contributed with their stories.

Christina doesn't deliver so big man Kurush went in his little red Nano and brought the ham over from her home in Cuffe Parade.

The ham was heated in the oven in Soumik's house and then Kurush brought it out. It was glistening under a red glaze and was covered with dry spices such as bay leaves, whole cumin and star anise.

Kurush brandished two knives like a Bedouin chief and for the next half an hour proceeded to carve the ham expertly. Big chief that he is, he sliced the ham. Each time he held up a slice we snapped at it like a group of tribals. Substitute the ham with a goat and Bengalis with Nomads and we could have been in the desert and not a drawing room in Santa Cruz.

The ham was delicious. The best bits were the slightly crispy skin with the delectable fat below it. The flavours had seeped in deep inside though right up to the bones. The meat was juicy and tender and whipped us all into an epicurean frenzy. The dripping had a nice sweet touch of molasses, honey and date and warm spices we guessed.

It was hard to match the high we got from the leg of ham but the unthinkable did happen.

The lights were switched off and Kurush came back with the Christmas pudding and flamb├ęd it. We were transfixed by the blue flames in the dark.

After the heady passions aroused by the leg of ham, it was time for the pudding to calm us and soothe us and that's what exactly what it did with its warm, moist, boozy goodness. There was something very comforting and calming about the lovely pudding. Maybe it was Katy's love and blessings.

So here's wishing you a merry Christmas and advance and may you be surrounded by good food and great friends.

In case you are in mumbai and want to order the stuff here are the details:

Christina Fernandes: +919820928420, rs 5,500 for 5.5 kg

Katy's Kitchen/ Kurush: +91 98-20-136511, Big 950 Small 550 plus delivery

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What a fun evening it was! Goof food, good friends, conversation, laughter and a whole new bundle of lovely memories :)