Pathare Prabhu festival, 4th Jan, Khar Mumbai

This is a a short post in something you might want to check out this evening in Khar, Mumbai

The Pathare Prabhu festival at Khar 12th Road has some great food. This is near the Louis phillipe showroom in Linking Road.

The Pathare Prabhus are one of the original inhabitants of Mumbai. This is a rare chance to try their food as there are no PP restaurants. Yet.

It is on till tonight. Check out Bimba Nayak's stall for lovely bheja (sourced from Pune), a rather unique prawn undhiyu, spicy kheema, juicy garlicky prawn curry with prawns from Crawford market, freshly fried bombil cutlets and she will do prawn thali peeth this evening

Soumitra has a stall with his tender mutton curry and zestful prawn pickles and he tells me they are fast getting over. This is his first time here so he underestimated the demand

There are ladies from Alibaug selling vade and home made Malvani chicken curry. Plus folks selling masalas, chicken roast, mango pulp and lot more

There's also jewellery, dresses, bags and other nicknacks.

Other interesting festivals are the Maharashtra Saras festival near Bandra where I am told there is food from different parts of the state

The versova Koli food festival is coming up next weekend


Gaurang said…
An excellent summary of the Mela.
Sassy Fork said…
totally enjoyed it