Godiwala caterers now playing at Cafe 792, Dadar

We had an exquisite Parsi patrani machhi (Rs 400) & mutton cutlet (Rs 50) this afternoon from Godiwala caterers.

The juicy fish slathered with a spicy, tangy, sweet chutney was one of the best renditions of patrani that I have had. The cutlets were meaty and had a nice ginger and chilli hit and K loved the texture.

The two dishes were good examples of why Godiwala rules the Parsi catering scene.

Their stuff is now available outside of events at Cafe 792 at Dadar Parsi Colony on Saturday and you get to know the menu on Friday. The menu varies. It has to be booked in advance by Friday 3 pm.

They have two tables at the cafe I think and delivered this to my mom in law's place at dadar who brought it for us. 

Blogger Sassy Fork told us about the place. She likes to go there to eat.

Cafe 792s no is 32277687 and 9930270717. They have non Godiwala fare on other days


Zenia Irani said…
This news has made me very very happy. Godiwala is an institute when it comes to Parsi food catering, and Tanaaz is the Empress. It's unfortunate that we only get to eat Godiwala catered food at weddings and Navjotes, until now. Thanks for this snippet of information, Kalyan and Manisha. My family shall rejoice when I tell them the news tonight :)
Zenia Irani said…
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Kalyan Karmakar said…
you are welcome Zenia and thanks indeed to manisha who keeps me informed about the interesting happenings on the Mumbai food scene
Gia Fernandes said…
This is a real gem! You and Manisha are doing great public service, seriously! And Kalyan, your pictures are so good. I've been repeatedly staring at this one since you posted it on FB yesterday. Of course, it's another one of those things I can't eat but I live in hope. Maybe some Friday I will get lucky and there will be something carb and sugar free on the Cafe 792 menu :)
Sassy Fork said…
My pleasure Zenia! Had Ras-Chawal by the Cafe and it was excellent