A happy Bandra weekend breakfast.... Sassy Spoon

We've gone back to Sassy Spoon, Bandra, quite a few times after our first dinner there.

We took my mother in law to Sassy Spoon one evening. She loved the hot chocolate and we had a lovely cheese and caramelised onion sandwich. The service was great and they served us the sandwich though dinner service had begun. I think sandwiches are served up to 7 pm and we went in at 7.30 pm. The hot chocolate was off the menu too. My mom in law, who is passionate about hot chocolate, didn't like it as much when she had it in Sassy Spoon the next time. She found it a bit watery the second time though they made it twice for her. Didn't live up to what she had the first time around.

I went there for lunch recently and had mixed feelings about the food again. The coconut milk, chicken and sweet potato soup was creamy and perfect for the bad cold that I had that afternoon. The chicken pieces were succulent but the soup was a tad too sweet for me. I loved the spaghetti with beurre butter sauce and lime with almonds for the contrast of the crunchy almonds with the spaghetti but found the dish rather sour. It was sour to the point of leaving one with a bitter mouth feel.

I bumped into Chef Irfan of Sassy Spoon on the way out and he told me he loves the sour hit in the dish. Well, I guess that's the thing about tastes in food. 

They are pretty personal.

Spaghetti with almonds at Sassy Spoon

What we love the most about Sassy Spoon, Bandra, is going for breakfast. They serve breakfasts only on weekends. They start at 9 am and offer breakfast till 4 pm which is perfect for us as we are late risers.

The outside section with big windows is bright and pretty and you feel really good to sit there. The perfect setting to start your day. The aircons struggle a bit against sun and it does get a tad warm even though the place is air-conditioned. 

I hope they can fix this.

Sassy Spoon Bandra's outside section

They serve a lovely cappuccino...strong, frothy and creamy. It is so hard to get a good cappuccino in a restaurant or cafe. Saltwater, Smokehouse, Indigo Deli all disappoint on this count. Which is why we bank upon Candies normally for our cappuccino. 

Sassy Spoon has been consistently good so far on the cappuccino count.

The food is slightly different from what one usually gets in cafes and the plating is very cheerful.

K just loved fried eggs here which get a slightly spicy touch from the sprinkling of Dukkah, a mid-Eastern spice, added to it. K got excited by the fact that the fried eggs were served with chapatis. Apparently fried eggs and chapatis were a very common sight in Parsi houses.

She tells them not to add ghee to the chapatis.

Fried eggs with dukkah, Sassy Spoon

We ordered a creamy mushroom and smoked scarmoza omelette for my mother in law today. She was a bit put off by the fact that it was runny and she couldn't get all the elements together on her fork for a bite.

Creamy mushroom & scarmoza omelette, Sassy Spoon

I, on the other hand, loved the runny interiors and the brilliant flavours, soft outer coating and perfect seasoning of the omelette. It's a three egg omelette and I am a bit wary of having so many yolks (though articles keep popping saying yolks are fine) but if I could, I would go for this with my eyes closed.

What one can eat with a clear conscience though, barring the sugar quotient, is the wholewheat, banana and oats pancake. It is a heavy dish and needs to be shared. The texture, as expected, is on the denser side but tastes pretty pleasant, not too sweet, and goes well with your coffee.

wholewheat, banana & oat pancake, Sassy Spoon

I really enjoyed a dish that we tried today which, unlike the pancakes, is indulgent all the way though.

This is the pretty unique cinnamon French toast roulade. I have never come across French toasts served like this before.

The French toasts in the dish are thin and are served as cylinders which come with an assortment of stuffings. Some have a tangy kumquat marmalade which has delightful bites of the citrusy fruit in it. Then there is a berry and Nutella filling which leans more towards the former (K wished for more Nutella). The third set has a caramelised banana filling which appeals to the little child in you. 

The cinnamon flavour was perfectly balanced with the fillings so you could taste it but it didn't overpower the other flavours. My mom in law loved the pancakes. I have largely stayed away from desserts of late and I felt that this was a dish worth breaking one's resolve for. 

The pancakes can get to be a too much for one and is best shared.

French Toast Roulade, Sassy Spoon

Which brings me to a nice thing I noticed about the service at Sassy Spoon. They take cognisance of the fact that we Indians like to share our food and give you individual plates and put the food in the middle so that you can serve yourself and share it with your companions. 

This is quite a nice touch.

I do see ourselves going back for more breakfasts though I hope they can do something about the air-conditioning.

Yes, breakfast is our thing