Foodie gifts in Mumbai: Amrita Rana's Life Ke Recipe on Yum Made

Sometime back I wanted to send a foodie gift to a friend in Andheri e.

I wanted to send something unique. I didn't know how I could send it from Bandra. 

I tweeted seeking options.

Someone suggested blogger @caramelwings AKA the Cupcake Fairy. Her blog is

I got in touch with her. Turned out that she makes cupcakes on order and sends them across Mumbai using My Peon. 

Unfortunately for me, though good for her, she was fully booked and couldn't take up the order.

I then remembered Amrita Rana, the bacon jam lady and mailed her. She was about to leave town but she said she had bacon jam in stock. She also suggested an Old Monk Caramel and an arugula and almond pesto as options to send. All of these sounded interesting and together came to about 900 Rs.

The next question was how to get hold of these and send them to Andheri E!

Amrita had an answer. She told me that her products are listed on a site called Yum Made. A site dedicated to products from home chef. You place your order through their site and they deliver the products across Mumbai within a day. No delivery charges.

In my case, Amrita told them about the order and they delivered it within a day to my friend in Andheri e. 

They sent someone to my house for the money and that was it. Pretty seamless and hassle free. Or I could have paid online.

This is the link to the Yum Made site

Amrita sent me some samples too and I relished the bacon jam with toast. The old monk caramel was seductive. Sweet with a boozy kick

Last night I squeezed some lime juice on tuna, sprinkled sea salt on it and grilled it in the oven for 10 min at 200 c. I then tossed the tuna with capsicum in a pan on a low flame with very little Extra Virgin olive oil, added in spaghetti that Bunkin Banu had boiled in the afternoon and then added the pesto and tossed it with some sea salt and a bit more of EVOO.

Made for a delicious and flavour packed dinner.

Here's Amrita's blog link

Great to have an option like this to send unique food gifts to folks in Mumbai. 

Or to order for yourself!


Unknown said…
Thank you souch sir for telling us about d services n blogs like caramelwings n yummade.we didn't even know that such services are prevalent in Mumbai it will b much easier to send some gifts to our foodie friends n relatives.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks Kirti, it was a useful learning for me too