Calling for fish in Mumbai. The Seafood and Meat Company

Not been able to make it to the fish markets in a while so called in for mackerel, rawas (Indian salmon), pomfret, katla from yesterday

Pros: Eazy to use website, COD, followed up with me in delivery time on phone , fish was sent washed, cleaned & in small vacuum packed portions, seemed fresh, at least an option when you can't/ don't want to go to fish market. We had earlier tried some prawns which they had sent as a sample which were brilliant

Cons: While per kilo prices seemed similar to market overall order was more expensive than market as I had to order larger portions than I normally buy, the fish was not cut the way I would have liked (I like my gaada to be cut into squares) and the salmon fillets to be cubed. Update: Just been told that you have to ask for a lady called Mangal to explain the sort of cut you want

How was the fish?

We baked some mackerel yesterday in a turmeric, chilli, salt & lime and turned out to be moist and flavoursome

Today I marinated rawas (Indian salmon)  in soya sauce, vinegar, a touch of honey, chopped green chillies & ginger.

Baked in aluminium foil for 12 min at 200 C

Had this with steamed soya garlic broccoli (made by Banu from Gia Claudette Fernandes's recipe) which I stirred into plain rice and soya sauce in a pan.

The rawas was reasonably moist and distinctly flavoured and meaty.

Felt like little Jack Horner.

We grilled the pomfret the next day and that turned out good too

I like going to to fish markets and will head back once my back is better but till then this is a good option.

PS. I haven't tried Pesca Fresh the other seafood delivery place

Not sure if you know but I write for a site called EazyDiner as the lead critic for Mumbai. Currently you will find my articles in the EazyTrends section which consists on pithy posts on the food world. Here's the latest one on basa which fish lovers might relate to


Shiv Kumar said…
My regular fish monger gave me ten normal-sized bangdas for Rs 250 on Saturday morning. Don't see that many in the pic.
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Shiv, these were 6 biggish ones for 200 and they sell it per kilo and not by piece. Local fish monger would be cheaper on the whole
suvro said…
One of the joys when I visit Calcutta (living in LA) is the fish market - the fresh fish, or caught the night before.
When we visited the fish market in Venice, Italy last August, we were delighted to see such a rich variety of seafood, and all so fresh. It is a pity that living on the Pacific coast, we cannot get such fresh seafood here.

This time in Calcutta (March 2015) I saw Spencers was also selling fish on ice - in a more hygienic environment than the regular fish markets.

I cherish the visits to the fish markets in Calcutta!
Kalyan Karmakar said…
I agree Suvro. There is a certain Magic to going to fish markets
Gia Fernandes said…
Didn't they ask how you wanted the fish cut when you placed the order. I used to order from Pesca Fresh earlier and they always asked first, and then cut the fish the way I wanted. The vacuum sealed packs seem like a good idea but I would be wary about storing them in the freezer directly without washing the fish first. I know they clean and wash the fish before sending, but I'm paranoid and don't trust anyone so I wash and wash with a lot of rock salt :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Gia, I must confess that we were happy to put them in just as they were sent. They didn't ask how I wanted it cut but I later got to know that they have a lady who specialises in getting it cut the way you want
Gia Fernandes said…
I suspected, that's why I mentioned it :) It's cool though, I'm sure Bandu will wash the fish after defrosting and before cooking. Like I said, I'm paranoid. And they should have asked you how you wanted your fish cut, especially when they have someone to do it!
Gia Fernandes said…
*Banu* sorry for the spelling mistake!
Nichole said…
Fish is a delicious source of Omega 3. It can be quick cooking, tasty, and super healthy option. Although I didn't know much about Indian cuisine, but this Fish recipe looks quite appetizing.
Neha said…
Hi Kalyan, is there an email I can write to you at?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Maybe I should ask her to wash it again
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Well it was my attempt at a Chinese dish Nichole :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…