My quick egg fried rice recipe

Heat a tablespoon of oil (sesame gives nutty Chinesy flavour). Add garlic. Stir. Add mushrooms. Stir. Add (blackbean/ soya) sauce. Stir. Break an egg. Stir. Add steamed rice (for 1). Stir. Add chopped veggies (broccoli, red peppers, water chestnut). Stir. Add some vinegar & crushed pepper. Stir. Eat ( sauces have salt)

The advantage of fried rice over Hakka noodles is you use a lot less oil this way. If you keep your veggies chopped from before then this could be quite a kick dish to rustle up.

I had this with some rawas steamed in black ran sauce, ginger and chillies. I steamed this in a foil for 10 min at 200 c


Anonymous said…
A few little suggestions. I would suggest that you add the (cold) rice after the mushrooms but not before the sauce or before the eggs. This prevents the brown sticky bits forming that I see on the pan, keeps the rice from getting too soggy and allows the rice to brown first from the heat of the pan rather than browning due to the soy. After the rice has browned and has a good flavour on its own, the egg can be added. Also would suggest cooking with normal vegetable oil first and then seasoning with sesame towards the end. Reason being fried rice needs high heat to get the smoky charred (but not burnt or sticky) flavour.

Apologies for the long comment but I just absolutely love fried rice and am just nitpicking the little details because I cant resist - I think it can be an exceptional dish if done in a certain way.

The fish looks really good! :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
Thanks for the tip Anon. The rice did stick to the bottom. I normally use vegetable oil but this was the first time that we had sesame at home

Wish I could click like on the comment :)
sangeetha menon said…
Yumm and am definitely going to try this quick recipe.