My quick egg fried rice recipe

Heat a tablespoon of oil (sesame gives nutty Chinesy flavour). Add garlic. Stir. Add mushrooms. Stir. Add (blackbean/ soya) sauce. Stir. Break an egg. Stir. Add steamed rice (for 1). Stir. Add chopped veggies (broccoli, red peppers, water chestnut). Stir. Add some vinegar & crushed pepper. Stir. Eat ( sauces have salt)

The advantage of fried rice over Hakka noodles is you use a lot less oil this way. If you keep your veggies chopped from before then this could be quite a kick dish to rustle up.

I had this with some rawas steamed in black ran sauce, ginger and chillies. I steamed this in a foil for 10 min at 200 c