The Bawi Bride is ready to deliver again

prawn curry, kachumber, eedu bhajiya

I am back with a Parsi post gain. A quick one.

I wanted to order from Perzen Darukhanawalla Patel, the Bawi Bride, ever since K said she likes Parsi food these days. K had earlier not said much about this but recently she told someone in front of me that she is very fond of Parsi food. I think both K and I have grown fonder of our native cuisines over the years.

I dare not say 'as we grow older'. 

I got an opportunity to order from Perzen today with Banu bunking. I realised at 3 pm that Banu wasn't coming to work and called Perzen who agreed to deliver at short notice from her new kitchen. She has just shifted her kitchen from Dadar to a a bungalow that she has rented in Jogeshwari. I wasn't sure if she could manage to send dinner since I had called so late in the day but Perzen agreed. She said she has found a delivery person to to send the food too.

I requested her to make and send the prawn curry that K had loved when we visited Perzen at her Dadar place and in addition an egg bhajiya. The money was to be transferred online making it pretty simple and the delivery guy to be paid in cash for the delivery.

The bafela eeda bhajiyas (chopped boiled egg pakoras) were fantastic and we started on them before dinner. In fact I wasn't home when the food came so K got to try the bhajiyas first and texted me saying "I had bafela eeda na bhajiya from perzen. You ordered from Perzin? Yummy"

I came back and joined K in the pre-dinner snack and found the gram flour and chopped egg spicy pakoras delectable.

K went for a walk and I took out the food to photograph and saw that the curry had potatoes. I texted K about it who replied:

"I was hoping for potatoes" and then
"I was praying for potatoes"

I tasted a bit of the curry and it was was tantalisingly tasty.

K returned and we heated the food. It smelt so good that K said she didn't feel like sharing the curry.

The curry was delectable spicy, had a touch of fire to it and lovely flavours of coconut in it. It could do a with tad more salt but then I often find Parsi home cooking to be low on salt. I would have cooked the prawns a bit less. Though I must say that they were not very very tough and I have tougher prawns in restaurants as we tend to over cook our seafood in India. Overall it was a great dish though and the curry was majestic.
Prawn curry rice before mixing it

There was a big tub of kachumber (Parsi onion, tomato and vinegar salad) to mop up the curry and rice with.

The bhajiya tasted even nicer when warmed.

Our order came to about 1000 Rs (2 prawn curry rices were 800) with the delivery and dinner was a happy one. 

I was thrilled and proud to know this was the first order from Perzen's new kitchen and wish her all success.

And  my Bawi Bride approved of the food too

Perzen's number to order from is 98-19-285720 and she delivers across Mumbai and at evidently short notice

PS Talking of coconut based curries my mom in law loves the Goan fish curry from Candies and recently my Goan friend, Gia had it, and was very happy too


Anjali Koli said…
I've ordered from Perzen, it was a special meal for me and my beau. We loved the food and also the little personal note she adds to the package. I was going to keep the note for myself but He liked the note so much he kept it away for memories sake of our beautiful time together :)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
that's a lovely story Anjali