The Orange Revolution. EazyDiner is launched

Vir Sanghvi chairing the EazyDiner launch

I have been in Delhi for a couple of days where I have come for the launch of Eazy Diner.

The formal launch of EazyDiner happened at the Oberoi Hotels in Delhi yesterday. This was followed by cocktails at the Taj Mansingh at night where hoteliers and chefs from leading hotels such as the ITC, Taj, Oberoi, Claridges, restaurateurs such as Amit Burman and Zorawar Kalra, were there as well as Delhi based food writers such as Sourish Bhattacharya and Marryam Reshii and of course Vir Sanghvi.

Vir Sanghvi is the lead critic of EazyDiner which is a newly launched site which aims at bringing the technology revolution seen in categories such as airline, hotel and cab booking to the food space too.

It offers restaurant bookings which can be done through the site, through the newly launched app or through phone using the Eazy Concierge facility. You get deals such as a glass of wine or a dessert apart from preferential treatment when you book through EazyDiner.

The site also has restaurant reviews done by expert critics such as Vir Sanghvi. Plus it allows for crowd sourced reviews a la Zomato.

So the combined package involves restaurant bookings, restaurant deals, critic reviews, food trends written by critics and crowd sourced reviews. 

The revenue model is ads on the site and booking fees paid by restaurants.

Here is a video explaining what EazyDiner is all about.        

EazyDiner had a soft launch in Gurgaon about 10 weeks back and the response has been positive. 

The Mumbai launch is next on the anvil. That's where I come in as I am the Mumbai critic for EazyDiner and have been working on this since December. While the reviews are yet to be out you might have caught some of my posts in the EazyTrends section where we write pithy articles about happenings in the world of food.

Few things are as exciting as new beginnings. 

Do wish us luck for the new venture.

With Team EazyDiner post the launch

Oh and in case you are wondering, it's very hot and dry in Delhi right now and I am not being adventurous with food. Sticking to grills and home food and Chinese and fish and avoiding North Indian and red meats this time. Had a home cooked grilled fish meal at a friend's and a steamed snapper and fried rice dinner at Canton Spice which, with it's Ling's parentage, is pretty close to comfort home food. The Oberoi press conference lunch had Chinese styled broccoli, beans, chicken and rice which I stuck to and gave the biryani and curries a miss. Lesson learnt after a meat induced heartburn in an earlier Delhi summer trip.

Disclaimer: I am part of the EazyDiner team