A quick fix egg roll recipe

Quick fix egg roll
I know that this is not the prettiest of pictures but nor was the morning.
I had to rush to work, get ready and book a cab before that. My mom in law would make me omelette sandwiches before I'd leave for work when she had come to stay with us. Now that she has gone back I normally rustle up a cheese toast and slap on some tomato pesto, which we had got in the Bombay Local basket, in between.
Except there was no bread at home today. Thankfully there were eggs!
I suddenly remembered a Bengali mother's quick fix solution and took out leftover rotis from the fridge and decided to make 'egg rolls' with them.
This is a trick Bengali moms use a lot to make their kids eat. The use of wheat rotis with less oil appearing to be a more guilt free option than the dalda doused, refined flour parathas of street side egg roll shops in Kolkata. (no relation with Chinese egg rolls).
It didn't take me too much time to put it together and I thought that I should share the recipe with you as an idea on what to do with leftover rotis. I used egg whites and olive oil for the dish so the guilt free quotient went up even more.
I wasn't planning to blog about this so don't have step by step pictures but will try to make this easy to follows:
1 chapatti, 1 egg white beaten with a dash of salt and pepper (for egg white - crack the egg into a bowl. Use a spoon or half an egg shell to scoop out the yolk), 1 teaspoon sliced onion, 1/2 a finely chopped green chilli, a wedge of lime, 1 tablespoon olive oil
 Heat 1/2 a teaspoon of olive oil in a flat bottomed pan. Add the onion and chillies and fry them and set aside
The roll
1. Heat the remaining oil in the pan
2. Place the roti on it
3. After 30 seconds pour the egg on to the roti. A bit might spread out. Tuck the egg back in if so
4. After 30 seconds gently flip the roti so the egg coated layer is at the bottom now
5. You will see that the egg will rise a bit as will the roti
6. After 30 seconds, turn it over so that the egg coated layer is facing up
7. Talk the egg coated roti off the pan after 15 seconds
8. Place the roti on a plate with the egg facing the top. Put the onion and chilli at one end and squeeze some lime juice
9. Roll it up
Tasted pretty good, nice and hot I must say and the day seemed at peace finally.
I would have made a thrifty Bengali mother proud with this I am sure. Incidentally Maharashtrians have a dish called fodnichi roti where the previous days rotis are shredded and tossed together with some spices for breakfast.

What are your favourite leftover recipes?
A few comments from Facebook when I posted the picture;

Preeti Deo That is a great saviour for me many times
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Saswati Ganguly Do this all the time. In fact it makes a very good tiffin for kids.
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Sanchita Ganguly Dey I do this atleast once a week...any leftover from last night is comfort breakfast for me....enjoy...
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 And some ideas to build on:


Alka Keswani Adding some leftover dry subzi (mostly mixed veg) to this kind of anda roti and rolling it to make wrap, makes it easy for me to budge my 'non veg hater' kid to have eggs occasionally. Some ketchup add to the glamor wink emoticon
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    Kalyan Karmakar Wish we had ketchup at home
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    Sonal Pandit Stuff with some grilled meats.Yum!! smile emoticon
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    Alka Keswani I can't imagine weekdays without ketchup, Nutella, dahi and papad.Two of these four (in various combos) are mandatory for kid's shortbreak lunch boxes .

    Poli Gupta I do the same with my boys. I just put shredded cheese in place of the onions
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    Sanchita Ganguly Dey Try left over paneer or chicken tikka as well.....u'll b surprised with the end product...

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    Saswati Ganguly Another quick fix when you are out of bread is Gola roti. Make a thin batter of egg/egg white, atta, milk, chopped onions and chillies. Add salt and pepper to taste. Make pancakes on a non stick pan with just a light brushing of olive oil

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    Anonymous said…
    Sounds yum! Looks very versatile as well. Ive never had one before but now am quite tempted to try it out... :)
    Kalyan Karmakar said…
    True. if you have the time you can try out a variety of fillings and even sauce combinations