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Abdul chacha offers khichda

If Hyderabad has its haleem, then Mumbai has its khichda and one of the most popular practitioners of this is Abdul Chacha of Bohri Mohalla.

Unlike Hyderabad where you get the haleem largely only during Ramzan, Abdul Chacha sits with his deg (cauldron) of khichda every day. This stall is 32 years old.

This marvel of slow cooking is more liquidy in consistency in comparison to Hyderabadi haleem. It is made with five types of lentils, meat and wheat and spices. The meat of choice is buff. However, he can make goat or chicken versions on order.

When you order a plate of khichda, Abdul chacha scoops out a portion from the deg, puts it in a bowl and proudly and lovingly plates it with ghee, birista (deep fried onions), a squeeze of lime juice and fresh mint leaves.

The end experience of the dish is warm and hearty and not spicy at all.

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