Adda with Kalyan 1...The Gourmet Travellers

Selfie at the end of the first episide

During my focus group moderation days I would always feel what I would love to moderate a chat show.

I got an opportunity in a way recently through the India Food Network when the folks there came up with the idea of my hosting a Google hangout on food.

That's how the idea of Adda with Kalyan Google hangout was born.

We recorded the first episode of the hangout on Tuesday. I had a stellar panel who brought in a lot of positive energy with them. There was Chef Thomas Zacharias of Bombay Canteen in the studio and with him was TV chef Saransh Goila, who was launching his book, India on my Platter, the next day. Joining us from the road, where he had parked his car to talk to us, was Chef Ranveer Brar who is now one of the co-hosts of Masterchef India.

The topic for our chat was seeing the world of food through travel as each of my panelists had travelled extensively in India and beyond in search of local tastes and flavours.

Please do take a look at this video (which is 30 minutes long) for some interesting conversations on food and travel.

We hope to make this a weekly affair so your support and feedback would be crucial for us.


Really enjoyed the fresh content and eloquent guests, loads of content and informative. Your indepth knowledge of all things food always sets you aside. But one suggestion would be there was a itty bit lack of energy. Once Ranveer Brar began talking the spike of energy goes up. A bit more jolly happy 'we are friends hanging out' sort of a discussion would i think liven things up a bit. May be adding cups of coffee and few more smiles would improve this even more. :) Just giving my two cents. By the way Sudeshna ki 'Cook like a Bong'?
Kalyan Karmakar said…
thank you so much for your feedback. Glad you liked it. Will try to smile more :)

Passed on your compliments to Ranveer

No, not that Sudeshna