Adding punch to Indian food... #AddaWithKalyan

With Michael Swamy & Anirudhya Roy

Think of the times when you made plans to go out on a special occasion when someone suggested and Indian restaurant and you responded saying 'but that's just Indian food!""

Restaurateurs in India have a real tough task to upsell Indian food and to take it to the rarefied realms of modern fine dining. Indian diners are loath in most cases to pay top dollar for Indian food. Most of us don't find it special enough for that.

However, there are people in India and in markets such as London who are making an effort to present Indian food in a more modern context and giving it a sense of grandeur.

In this week's #AddaWithKalyan I speak to three people who have been doing seminal work in this area.

Le Cordon Bleau trained Michael Swamy who is one of the earliest food stylists in India. Anirudhya Roy, executive chef of Taj Land's end who is trying to bring alive heritage Indian recipes in his Masala Bay. And chef Manish Mehrotra of the very exciting Indian Accent of Delhi which is now heading to New York.

You can watch the video below:

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