Bohri Mohalla's Imam Sharbatwala. Now playing on The Finely Chopped on YouTube

Sharbat at Imam Juicewallah

Start your evening in Bohri Mohalla with the sharbat at Imam Sharbatwalla. 

This is a 90 year old stall (if you go by the board, the owner says 120!) which sells just one drink, the sharbat! It is opposite Haji Tikka.

It consists of a sugary masala milk base, infused with freshly chopped water melon and crushed ice. The combination is electrifying.

This is not for those who are not comfortable drinking non-filtered water though. If you don’t mind that, then the sharbat here can be pretty addictive. Most people ask for a second one after they have had the first taste of the sharbat. 

It is also a refreshing palate cleanser after you have indulged in the meaty delights in the nearby India Hotel, Haji Tikka and Surti Bara Handi. Folks in the recent Finely Chopped Walk had it after the heavy bara handi meats at Surti and just loved the cool and light sherbats after that.

Here's the video we shot at Imam Sharbatwalla