Bohri Mohalla's Surti 12 Handi. Now playing on The Finely Chopped YouTube Channel

Folks eating outside Surti 12 Handi

My friends and I went into heartbreak mode when we heard that Valibhai, the bara handi place had shut down. It was such a big part of our Bohri Mohalla experience in Ramzan and otherwise.

Things became worse when I heard that Surti 12 Handi, the older, though less flamboyant (and I use the word very consciously) bara handi place there, had shut down too.

It’s the end of an era we lamented.

Then I went to Bohri Mohalla to shoot for The Finely Chopped YouTube launch one night and heard from two bystanders, Rahul and Mehul, that Surti was open.

I ran in the direction they pointed me to, crew in tow. Discovered that Surti is indeed open. In a newer, bigger place.

This is the video that followed.

Do watch it to get to know the story of Surti Bara Handi, an integral part of the food heritage of Mumbai.

Do let me know what you would likely to see next on The Finely Chopped.


Great Stuff! Priya (Deccan Tiffin)
Kalyan Karmakar said…
so glad you liked it Priya
Unknown said…
Can you please put down the exact address of this place ? Thank you :)