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Strawberry and mango ice creams at Taj Ice Cream

End your evening with ice creams at the 125 year old Taj Ice Cream when you go to Bohri Mohalla. 

Taj is run by the descendants of the Bohri family that had come to Mumbai from Gujarat. It has got nothing to do with the hotel chain of the same name and was opened way before the hotel was.

The method of making ice creams here hasn’t changed since the beginning. Every morning they boil full full fat milk (Amul Gold or Mother Dairy), cool it, add sugar and fresh fruits (the workers are told not to skimp on this) and then put it in a copper canister which is hand churned in a wooden barrel filled with ice and salt (to cool faster). This apparatus is called the sancha. There was no electricity when the shop had started so this was the only way out then

If they are in a good mood (which they always are) then Hatim uncle, or his nephew Mustafa, might show you the sancha on request. 

The ice creams are made fresh every day in the shop and you can even pack some to take home. My favourites are the strawberry, sitafal (custard apple) and mango ones. This year, a new introduction, peru (guava) is a big hit on social media. 

If you are a naughty boy who doesn’t like fruits then try the chocolate or the almond ones. 

The thing is, anyone who tries the ice creams at Taj is convinced after that these are the best ice creams they have ever had.

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