Bohri Mohalla's Tawakkal Sweets now playing on The Finely Chopped on YouTube

Firni at Tawakkal sweets

You can't miss Tawakkal Sweets when you enter Bohri Mohalla.

Tawakkal Sweets was started 50 years back by a Bohri family as a small stall selling 'dahi vadas'. No, these are not the dahi vadas of the south or dahi vallas of Punjab. What they call dahi vadas at Tawakkal are actually sugar soaked, balushai like desserts. 

During Ramzan you also get malpua (egg and egg-less). The jury is divided whether the crunchy edges are better or the chubbier middle but one thing is for sure that the malpuas here are the nicest among what I have tried in Mumbai. They also serve the rice based dessert, firni, during Ramzan. The plain one is the nicest I feel but the saffron and mango ones have their fans too. You can order these in advance in non-Ramzan months. The new generation plans to supply firni for catering orders through the years. During Ramzan the shop is open all night and till 10 pm for the rest of the year.

Check out the video of our shoot at Tawakkal Sweets on The Finely Chopped by clicking in the image below