How to turn your food blog into a career: #AddaWithKalyan on India Food Network

Post chat selfie with Nandita (on screen), Saee, Rushina and Nikhil

It was a wet and stormy day in Mumbai yesterday.

Yet we had a very sunny happy chat in the India Food Network studios through all the rain last afternoon.

I had, after all, with me a group of friends that I had made through my food blogging journey to talk to on Adda with Kalyan on the India Food Network yesterday.

When I had started food blogging close to 8 years back, I didn’t know any other food bloggers and felt rather alone.

Then I began to come across fellow food bloggers in India and abroad and made friends with them. Most of these friendships have stood the test of years.

What is common to all of us is that we had started with food blogging and since then have branched out to do other things in the world of food.

All of this centred around our blog. And yes, we continue to blog too.

I was a full time market researcher when I started blogging. I just wanted to share my stories from the world of food then. I was a market researcher by day and at night would don my food blogger’s cape and write.

Then opportunities began to come up in the world of food. Mainly in terms of writing engagements for online and offline media. Then  I started doing food walks. This was fairly new in Mumbai then. Then I got a contract to write a book. Which is when I plunged into the world of food away from full time market research. Someday the book will see the light of day I hope!

Writing assignments trickled in from folks like Femina, BBC Good Food, MW, Mumbai Mirror & Live In Style. I got opportunities to work with brands such as Lenovo Yoga tab, Mahindra Gusto, Fox Life, Mother Dairy, Bosch and so on, on marketing campaigns. EazyDiner happened and I got to work with Vir Sanghvi, arguably the biggest Indian food writer today, and a great guy and a pucca gentlemann, and edit EazyTrends. Then India Food Network happened, where as an editor for the site I was able to play a part in promoting the world of Indian food. A cause dear to my heart. Then the Adda with Kalyan chat show happened on India Food Network and then my YouTube channel, The FinelyChopped, produced by Ping Network, the parent body of India Food Network who are a fantastic bunch of people to work with.

It’s been an amazing journey so far, touch wood, in a fledgling field and I owe it all to my blog.

As, I am sure the people in my adda yesterday feel about their blogs and their lives.

We had in the chat, Rushina Munshaw Ghildayal, whose blog was earlier called A Perfect Bite. I call her 'the woman of many firsts'. She is among the first Indian food bloggers around. Was amongst the first bloggers to write for mass media, to get a book out, do food demos, appear on television, work with brands, do food walks, start one of the first cooking studios in Mumbai

There was Saee Koranne Khandekar of My Jhola. Again one of the earlier food bloggers. One of the first bloggers to do independent YouTube videos, do baking classes, work as a consultant with food companies. She too has a book in the offing.

We had with us Nikhil Merchant of the blog Nonchalant Gourmand. He used to work in a plywood company when he started food blogging. Now he is about to open his restaurant, Imli, in Los Angeles!

Joining us from Bengaluru was the lovely Nandita Iyer of Saffron Trail. Someone with possibly the highest twitter following among Indian food bloggers. Someone who meticulously writes a very popular blog and works with brands and conducts cooking workshops.

So check this link (about 20 minutes) which is on the very happy chat I had in Adda With Kalyan on India Food Network with these marvellous bloggers on building a career in food out of food blogging.

Do tell me if you found it useful and write in at on what topics you would like to to next see on Adda With Kalyan and whom you would like us to bring in there.


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