How you can virtually cook yourself a meal of your choice on Lufthansa

Image courtesy: Lufthansa
Bad airline food and inadequate leg space are the two biggest banes of airline travel for those of us who don’t travel like the select few.

All you can do is grumble about this. You have to pay more for more leg space.

You don't really want to carry your own food with you do you? Nor do you have vendors coming in with snacks unlike in trains. Then all you can do is suffer quietly and wait to reach your destination and revel in the food there.

Well you now actually have a chance to do something about the food bit now. Lufthansa is hosting a contest where they are inviting people to send in their recipes. So you can submit your favourite dishes and with luck get served your dish of choice the way you would have cooked it.

The way it works is you submit your best original Indian recipe to impress MasterChef Kunal, who is the executive sous chef of the The Leela Ambience, and the jury to win

Image courtesy: Lufthansa

Submit your recipe to #CookAndFly by clicking this link :

So what is the Grand Prize?
o   A spot among the signature recipes on Lufthansa’s inflight menu.
o   A Lufthansa Business Class ticket to Europe.
o   A 6 week internship with celebrity chefs at The Leela Palaces, Hotels and Resorts.

‘Chef Pick of the Week’ Prizes
o   A premium quality Morphy Richards blender.

So go in and try to get hold of some good food for yourself next time you fly.

This post was done in association with Lufthansa