Jalebis at Bohri Mohalla's Noor Sweets. Now playing on The Finely Chopped Channel on YouTube

Jai preps up to shoot at Noor Sweets
Here's wishing all Bohris a very happy Eid today

When Kurush Dalal tells me something about Bohri Mohalla, I listen very carefully as he is the one who once introduced me to the place.

This time he told me about jalebis at Noor Sweets and told me to have them fresh from the wok.

Well, I di go to the 82 year old Noor Sweets which is opposite Salman's pulao stall. It is Bohri owned and the current owner, Huzefa, also runs a coaching class. The rest of the staff are non-Bohri Muslims.

The person making the jalebis has been making them for more than 40 years. The expertise shows. 

I had some jalebis fresh from the wok and fell in the love with them. The sweet balance was just right and that crunch is what is best summed up as OMG.

The Ping Network crew couldn't get enough of these jalebis and nor could those who has come to the Finely Chopped Food Walk.

Watch the story of Noor Sweets in the video below on The Finely Chopped YouTube channel