Kebabs at Bohri Mohalla's Haji Tikka now playing on The Finely Chopped Channel on YouTube

With my producer, Nikeet (@nicemarathiboy) & the Ping Crew at
Feroze Farsan where we began the shoot

If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feeds (please click on the links and follow if you don't) then you will realise that I've been spending quite some time at Bohri Mohalla of late.

One night was for the Finely Chopped Walk. The other two nights was for something which I am now ready and excited to share with you.

We were shooting for my new YouTube channel, The Finely Chopped, which went live today.

We shot at Bohri Mohalla, talking to the stall owners, to folks eating there, showcasing the history of the places and the magnificence of the food. As K says, Bohri Mohalla is lucky for me. That's where the first Finely Chopped Food Walk had happened. My Ramzan post on Bohri Mohalla is one of my most read posts too. I had shot with the Travel Channel here when I had anchored a segment on the street food of Mumbai.

Without much ado let me present to you the first video on Haji Tikka.

This is a shop set up almost half a century back which grew from a small cart to a popular kebab shop. The owner passed away last year but his legacy is being proudly carried ahead by his son.

This is my favourite spot for kebabs in the city. I just love the smoky, scrunchy, creamy khiri (buff udders) and the juicy buff koftas. If buff doesn't work for you then go for the chicken malai tikka and I am told they have paneer too for the vegetarians.

So hope you like the video and will walk with me through this exciting journey like you have so far.

The channel is produced by the Ping Network and will feature my stories from the world of food.

Please write in and tell what you would like to see more of in The Finely Chopped.


Shiv Kumar said…
Its a toss up between the Irani Kabab at Sarvi and the seek at this stall
Kalyan Karmakar said…
two different schools so my take is why choose, enjoy both :)