Meet the home chefs: #AddaWithKalyan on India Food Network

After adda 2 with Nafisa aunty, Munaf and Gitika in the studio
and Perzen and Sneha who joined us offsite

We did our second #AddaWithKalyan yesterday at the India Food Network.

Last time we met chefs who have travelled and listened to their stories.That was our first hang out

This time we met home chefs Gitika Saikia, Munaf and Nafisa Kapadia, Sneha Nair and Parzen the Bawi Bride in the hang out.

We spoke about what inspired them to become professional home chefs, to host pop ups at home, how they went about planning them, the reaction of their customers and tips for aspiring pop up chefs.

Pop up chefs have added a huge amount of excitement and variety to the eating scene in Mumbai and I am sure that there are great days ahead.

You can listen to some of the very best here:

                                                    #AddaWithKalyan _ Home chefs

I tried to smile a bit more this time after some feedback I got the first time! Not sure if it came across.

Please let us know if you have any topics that you would like to see us cover in #addawithkalyan in the future

                                                The first adda with Kalyan