My Old Delhi Eats...India Food Network

The spate of old Delhi Ramzan articles on social media got me thinking about my two old Delhi eating jaunts.

I lost my old Delhi food virginity, when my Facebook friend and food maven, Anurag Mehrotra took me there to eat when I visited Delhi one monsoon. The food I ate was seriously memorable.

Then I went to old Delhi one wintry night with Mohit Balachandran of the Indian street food based blog, Chowder Singh, who took me to another great set of eateries.

The romance of food was intoxicating...the atmosphere, both times, was electric.

Here is my piece in India Food Network remembering the places we ate in during my two visits to old Delhi.

Here's looking forward to the next trip.

Which are your favourite old Delhi eateries? What should I eat there?

Here are my two earlier Old Delhi posts on the blog

With Anurag: