Folks we bumped into in Bohri Mohalla. Now Playing on The Finely Chopped YouTube channel

We met some fun people during the shoot at Bohri Mohalla and had some interesting chats with them on the food with them.

We captured some of them on videos on The Finely Chopped YouTube channel.

Here's a video of my chat with the very chirpy Perzen, the Bawi Bride, where we check out the malpuas and phirnis of Tawakkal Sweets while the guys pack sweets beside us.

And this is my chat with Rakhi and Prashant at Taj Ice Creams where I check out the guava or peru which is the social media flavor of the season.

Hope you enjoyed these light moments from the shoot.

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Anonymous said…
Interesting videos - visuals have always proved to be mightier then words . However, I think you should just be your self and not try and be those regular channel folks...