Of Kolkata rolls and Hyderabadi biryani on EazyDiner

Biryani at Bahar

I am sharing the links to couple of my recent posts on EazyDiner here.

The first (click here) is on the rolls of Kolkata and how there is actually quite a bit of variance between the sort of rolls that you get there. What there is no denying though is that rolls are an integral part of your life if you live in Kolkata.

The other post (click here) is on the time when I went on a serious biryani discovery mission when I was at Hyderabad. I figured out that there is a lot more to Hyderabadi biryani joints rather than just Paradise. That was the trip when I came across Shadab and CafĂ© Bahar and actually enjoyed the biryani there a lot more than at Paradise.