The Candies Story. Now playing on The Finely Chopped YouTube Channel

With Allan Pereira of Candies 

Yesterday I had called in for some bakes and breads home from Candies.

The bell rang and I opened the door.

The delivery boy saw me and did a double take.

"Aap yaha pe rehete hai".

You live here, he asked.

The sub-text almost seemed to be, "you don't live in Candies!?"

Yes, Candies is almost like our second home. You will find me there, writing on most mornings.

On weekends, K and I go there for breakfast and midweek too if she has a late start.

At times we go to Candies in the evenings after work.

I have a table where I like to sit and write in and K and I have our favourite bench. We rarely climb upstairs but when I have taken people upstairs they have been astounded by the magnificence of the surroundings.
Most of our family and friends share our love for Candies and go with us there when they come to visit us.

We have our favourite dishes. The chiken sandwiches. The Thai curry. Mom in law loves the macaroni salad and potato chops.. I love the mutton puffs. My mother likes the sausage puffs. K likes the jelly slices. I like the sugar cakes. We both love the tea cakes and can't get enough of the cappuccinos.

Recently we shot for The Finely Chopped YouTube channel in Candies. Here's the link to the channel

I spoke to Candice, after whom Candies is named, about whether her father and owner of Candies, Allan Periera, would speak to us.

She said she'd try. That Allan is very media shy and doesn't even agree to pose for photographs in magazines.

She asked him and we really lucked out. He agreed immediately.

So do check out this video where Allan and I talk about the opening of Candies, where the recipes come from, who designed it, who decides on the music to be played, where we get to know about the scale of operations and how almost everything is cooked in house from the bread to the chips and of how Allan stays young by interacting by the youth.

Hope you love this labour of love of ours and if so, please do subscribe to the channel and share the video.