What is Parsi food? Interview with Kurush Dalal now playing on The Finely Chopped on YouTube

With Rushina & Kurush in the A Perfect Bite Studio
We lived in Iran for a year or so before the Islamic Revolution.
I was 5 then and don't remember much about the food apart from eating out of tins of caviar and drinking out of cans of grape juice. And a dish called chelo kebab that my mother would make for me after we moved to Kolkata from there and the pulao with the rice crust, tahdig.
I had no idea then that years later I would marry a Parsi.
The Parsis of course have been in India for quite a few generations now. Many of them, including my wife and her family, have not been to Iran. They speak Gujarati at home and not Farsi.
My late father in law's favourite dish was ham sandwiches and my mom in law loves her curry rice.
Neither of the dishes have any connection with Iran.
So what is the connection between Parsi food and Iran? What have been the influences on Parsi food? Is Parsi food more Indian or Iranian?
To find some answers I headed to Rushina Munshaw Ghildayal's A Perfect Bite Studio where Dr Kurush Dalal was talking on Parsi food in the APB Culinary Legacy series.
He spoke uninterrupted and non-stop for close to 3 hours, he is a professor and not just a caterer after all, and then spoke to us as we shot for The Finely Chopped YouTube channel.
You can catch the video below
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